The most significant update for Qualcomm QCC3040 chipset VS. QCC3020 chipset

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ks you know we begin touese the aCC304 seies chiosedfoythelclest TWS earbus n t il ecome the meansream chiost shoty Here we want to share ourunderstanding fthe newchipset against the Qcc3o20 chipset.(Only personal acknowledgment if there's any mistake, please kindly teach us)

*Bluetooth V5.2 VS Bluetooth V5.0

*Ultra-low power consumption only 5MA VS 7MA*Low latency and Seamless master-slave switch

*'Unique power slf-daptive between R and L arbu (This is bosoudey te frstchpset which can do thi n t e industy which means the chiose an percive which earoud an be theMaster which one can be the Slave.It can save power to make two earbuds work longer time without the Master earbud shut ofat first)

*Support APTX Adaptive codec(including APTX、APTXHD, APTX-LL)Aptx Adapfive is ownward compatible with Aptx andApt HD, ts the most potent codec

lf yoire iterete intrseupats and want1ofes them ousel wejst have one mode RX338 for our choce. Please check cut the deails at htlpsil/www.ambtech.comiKk33b-p00114p1.html.

Dontforget wit us your inquiry atsalesc@rambotech com ifyou have a quesion about our products or senvice. Wed like to hear from you for mutualy benefcia


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