Something about the Bluetooth chipsets used in China so far

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1. Domestic Bluetooth chipsets widely used by factories are JieLi JL6936D,Bluetrum 5376A,

Pros: cheap for the low-end market

Cons: Slightly inferior Bluetooth connectivity and barely acceptable call and music quality

2. Chipsets made in Taiwan are Airoha and Pixart brands; they're Airoba 1532,1536U; Pixart 1603, 1606 series.

Pros: decent call  and music quality, stable Bluetooth connectivity

Cons: Medium level of cost fit for medium-end market need

3. Qualcomm chipset from the USA almost QCC3020

Pros: Excellent call and music experience and low power consumption

Cons: High-end level chipset with a high cost

By the way, which one do you like to use in your product range?

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